Different Types of People I’ve Met Whilst Travelling


The Tourist

These people have a bucket list, tend to travel for shorter periods of time and catch taxis almost everywhere. They are often curious about the local culture but will not step out of their comfort zone to truly immerse themselves in it. They do not mind paying a little (or a lot) of extra money in order to get the more comfortable option and collect souvenirs at every opportunity that presents itself. But, the most defining characteristic would have to be the thousands of photos that they take; of the landscape, of them, of them and the landscape, of them doing something funny with the landscape, etc.

The Researchers 

Generally those that have studied the region they are visiting and have an addictive passion for it. They can quote obscure dates and geographical locations to a tee and are often not shy about it. They travel to the lands far far away to confirm what they’ve been reading on paper and to see for themselves if it is really all that it seems.

“Why are you travelling?” “Because I can.”

I am referring to the partiers, they go out for a holiday with one purpose. To fuck shit up. They tend to be happy go lucky people whom spend their days trying to consume the greatest quantity (and variety) that is physically (and financially) possible of: drugs, alcohol and sex. They do not try very hard to integrate themselves into the local culture because they feel that quite frankly, there is no need to.

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The Resume Builders

In this day and age, cultural awareness and extensive global knowledge is vital. Do the math; a plane ticket overseas may lead to a significant increase in salary prospects. It’s a simple equation and one that has been done time and time again. Because of this, there is an influx of individuals that go abroad for the pure purpose of ‘it looks good on my resume’ (which I have no doubt that it does).

The Soul Searcher

They think that by going overseas they are going to enter an eye opening and soul enriching neverland. They know it probably will not happen but they hope that somewhere along the way a magical moment will occur. They will experience an inexplicable pivotal moment in their life and the answers to all the questions they’ve been asking will get solved. The answer to such questions as ‘What do I want in life?”, “Am I happy with who I am right now?” and “Why am I even studying/working in the field that I am?”

Travelling Life

It’s a fine line between travelling to and living in other countries. These people stay in regions for so long that the locals forget that there were days before them. They seamlessly integrate themselves into the local culture whilst at the same time remaining true to themselves. Most of time they do whatever it is they can to get by. The beauty of it? It is usually something that they are passionate about; whether it be teaching, writing, music, social work or selling artisan handcrafts or baked delicacies.


The Culturally Curious

“I just want to see the world, to explore. I want to experience it for myself. I want to make up my own mind about issues and not have to go off a black and white script that is fed to me in the form of social media.”

The Escapist 

Because quite frankly, there’s not much going on back home. In fact, what is ‘home’? There are no ties holding them down to one single location. So why not get out and about? Who knows. They may find something they like (and if they don’t, well then, they can just pack their bags and relocate themselves. No hassles, no worries).


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