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Ed Sheeran 1

Early December of last year, Ed Sheeran held a bunch of concerts here in Australia. I eagerly bought tickets when they were released and lined up for hours in the painfully hot sun just to get as close to the stage as possible. I got badly sunburnt because the thought of bringing sunscreen completely escaped my mind in all my excitement. It marked the third time I’ve seen him live (first time in general admission) and without a doubt, he’s one of the best songwriters/singers/performers out there. A lone guy with his guitar and a loop pedal at his feet, singing his heart out on stage in front of thousands of people – he really works hard to put on a good show.

Now I wouldn’t say that “x” tops everything else he’s ever released because I’m definitely biased towards eternally loving “+”, but there are definitely a few songs on it that I think are brilliant: Bloodstream, I’m A Mess, Tenerife Sea, I See Fire. These are all pretty incredible both in tune and written lyrics. To go through a world tour that circles back to countries twice based mainly on this one album just shows how well he’s doing and how much people love his music. And for him to go on a break for a year is a bit sad for his fans, but no one would ever argue that he doesn’t need it.

So anyway, his concert was spectacular as always. Foy Vance, Passenger, and Rudimental were the opening acts and Sheeran came on stage after a cute polaroid slideshow of clips of him growing up. And then he played a massive setlist that went for almost two hours. The attendance record for AAMI Park was apparently broken by the show I went to, with 33,595 fans¹ screaming their hearts out for the red-headed English guy. I periodically took short videos of every song he played and edited them together but the sound quality is a bit distorted cause I was too close to the speakers so I won’t bother sharing it with anyone. But it’s a nice little reminder of the experience for me. I’ll also never forget the two girls rolling around and fighting over his towel that was thrown into the group of fans who hung back after the concert, on the floor littered with thrown away cups and empty bottles.

Ed Sheeran 2013
Ed Sheeran 2015-03
Ed Sheeran 2015-12
06/03/13 – 29/03/15 – 06/12/15

There’s just so much I feel towards his songs. As most people who know me already realise, I love acoustic and indie and alternative types of music, most of which have less sugar-coated lyrics and slower melodies. It’s amazing how this one guy has created songs that I can’t ever get sick of. I mean, that’s pretty apparent since I’ve paid to see him three times in concert. Damn, I think it’s fairly unlikely I’d do that for another artist. Just looking at my Top 20 Most Played list, Ed Sheeran has five songs on it. A quarter of the stuff I listen to the most, is by him. He just has a voice that is so soothing to listen to.

I messed up this time late last night, drinking to suppress devotion with fingers intertwined.

Of course it helps that he has a lovely British accent and acts really down to earth and friendly during interviews and such. I’m realising now that I don’t own any of his albums and I should really get around to buying them even though I don’t use CDs anywhere. I do on the other hand, have a couple of merchandise pieces I bought after each concert and they’re things I’m really happy to have. Now if only the security guy could hand me his guitar pick after the next concert of his that I attend, I’ll be okay.

Ed Sheeran 2

And all of the voices surrounding us here, they just fade out when you take a breath.
Just say the word and I will disappear into the wilderness.

He’s one of the few artists I can listen to forever: whether it’s on the radio, at home through my computer, on my iPod as I walk to the bus stop, or in bed when I can’t sleep. Thanks for visiting Australia so often, Ed.


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