Visiting Sydney

Sydney Bridge

The whole idea of Sydney and Home and Belonging (screw you Year 12) is still something I’m struggling with. I’m not sure if I’ll ever find peace with myself and knowing where I stand in the world, so right now everything is staying up in the air for a lot longer than I had hoped. I’m a girl born and raised in Sydney but now I live in Melbourne. It’s really not a very confusing concept but that sentence carries a ton of weight for me.

It’s been years now. And yet I often feel as if it was like I never left.

Oh my god, my writing is so terrible.

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Schmalentines Day

Heidelberg 4.jpg

Tomorrow is the 14th of February. Also known as the 45th day of the year, the date YouTube was launched in 2005 and the day Australians spend an average of $86 on their loved one. The (in)famous Valentines Day.

Now the reason why I’m unable to decide between the words infamous and famous in the above sentence is because I have very mixed feelings about the 14th of February. On one hand, I think it’s absolutely great that there is an entire day dedicated to celebrating love and showing the one(s) that you love how much they mean to you. On the other hand, I also think that if you love someone you should show them all the time.

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The Topless Tour: Mummelsee, Schwarzwald


Last year I posted a topless photo of my friend and I on instagram. It was completely PG rated with none of the raunchy connotations you’d expect from a statement with the words “topless” and “photo” in it. The weather conditions were not exactly in our favour. We were cold even with our clothes on, let alone without. But we braved the cold and did it anyway. Why? Because women are beautiful creatures that deserve appreciation, not sexual objectification.

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