Schmalentines Day

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Tomorrow is the 14th of February. Also known as the 45th day of the year, the date YouTube was launched in 2005 and the day Australians spend an average of $86 on their loved one. The (in)famous Valentines Day.

Now the reason why I’m unable to decide between the words infamous and famous in the above sentence is because I have very mixed feelings about the 14th of February. On one hand, I think it’s absolutely great that there is an entire day dedicated to celebrating love and showing the one(s) that you love how much they mean to you. On the other hand, I also think that if you love someone you should show them all the time.

No. Actually I change my mind again. Don’t shower your love all the time and don’t shower your love on a day which is dedicated to showering love. Shower your love when you feel like showering your love. If it happens to coincide with the 14th of February, that’s great! If it happens to coincide with everyday of your lover’s life.. Then that’s also great (also feel free to get in touch with me to tell me how you manage to do it).


To all the singles out there who are disappointed that no-one is showering you with love on this rose and chocolate filled day; there are many types of love. I love my friends just as much as I love my family just as much as I love my pet fish and dog. I love travelling, reading and sleeping. I love the sunshine when I’m outdoors and the rain when I’m indoors. There are so many different types of love aside from romantic love. Each as valid as the next.

And although each love holds a validity, I usually avoid blanketing a recommended love. To tell someone who is allergic to dogs to love puppies is just as insane as telling someone with skin cancer to love the sun. The same goes for friends, family and just about everything. Whilst the blanket statement ‘you should love your family and/or friends’ usually does work for most, it does not work for all. We all hold different experiences, habits and personalities and that’s what makes the world so great!

The only blanket statement regarding love that I will ever use consists of 3 words: always love yourself. At the end of the day you are your only constant. People come and go, plans fall through and well, shit happens. You are literally all you’ve got but hey, you’re pretty lucky that you’re stuck with yourself. You are bloody amazing and don’t you dare ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Happy Day-Before-Valentines everybody! In the wise words of the Biebs; Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself.

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