Somewhere Over the Ukulele


I bought a ukulele a few weeks ago. I spent days researching ukulele sizes, materials, brands, tutorials, reviews, and basically everything related to the miniature guitar under the sun. Now, I’m probably the least musical person you’ve ever met and I’ll be the first to accept the award for tone deafness. My acceptance speech will include thanking my friends for putting up with my terrible singing at karaoke, Taylor Swift for setting unrealistic expectations of being a gorgeous musician for girls everywhere, and my fat fingers for not being able to hold guitar strings down right. Thank you, genetics.

To be honest, I can readily admit that taking up this instrument might play the slightest role in making me more interesting (cause how many people do you know that can play the ukulele!?) But honestly, have you seen how cute it is? Just in case you were thinking of picking one up yourself, the concert sized one is generally recommended to adult beginners. But I couldn’t resist buying a soprano because it was the smallest (and most adorable) and most well-known. There are also the tenor and baritone sizes but they’re a different ballpark. Anyway I decided to buy an inexpensive one to start off with so I could upgrade to something better constructed in the future. You know, when I’ve learnt a tiny bit of skill on this thing and can make the commitment price-wise.

So why the ukulele? Well, it’s far more manageable than a guitar and the nylon strings don’t hurt my fingers as much. You can easily pick up a cheap one to start off with at any shopping centre. It’s lightweight and I have swung it around in fake anger when I mess up chords, with no effort whatsoever. Plus, I can just chuck it onto my bed when the frustration gets too much… Only to pick it up again in two minutes. Much like closing a Facebook tab on my computer. This thing has seriously become an addiction for me.

Note to self: Figure out how to take photos with a ukulele as a prop.

I’ve never been one to give personal names to objects in my life but I feel like my baby deserves one. Okay I’m not insane, I swear. I just haven’t gotten over how adorable this instrument is. Before I know it, I’m gonna knit a fuzzy case for it and start bringing it up in conversations with strangers. I’m thinking this post will give me inspiration to keep up with my practicing though. So hopefully someday I can actually be able to say I’m able to play an instrument decently. Singing along to the songs I learn is a whole other story though.

Guess what I’m going to go back to doing?

fish green


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