Tell Me My Future


I’m almost certain that every single adult out there with access to a computer has taken a personality test sometime in their life. It’s human nature to be curious about what kind of person you are and seeking answers from a 10 minute multiple choice quiz is far too easy to not try out. But are we really learning all that much about ourselves from them?

I am a non-believer in horoscopes and I’ve never had my fortune read, but these things along with personality tests are taken seriously constantly by people who want to be given an indepth description of themselves. They want to know that whatever shit they’re going through is happening to them for a reason. They want to know that the future is brighter and better.

And that’s great for them if it makes them happier to have faith in a few sentences in the back of a magazine, next to the Ask An Expert section. If believing that everything happens for a reason and that we can predict that our experiences now will lead us to a better tomorrow, should we really be so rudely dismissive of these things?

Maybe the ones who take it all to the extreme need a wake up call; that’s quite understandable. Faith is a tricky thing and deserves its own post if I ever feel like opening up a lot more later on.

I have to say though, I think the Myer-Briggs and the 16 Personalities tests I’ve done were pretty damn accurate for me. Yes they are just full of generalisations and no I’m not banking my entire life on what the results were, but it’s nice to feel like my computer is telling me that I’m not an anomaly in this world. I guess we’re just looking for justification and acceptance of ourselves, no matter who we are. I would share what my letters were but I can’t remember them and I don’t have access to a computer right now. All I’m certain of is that it started with an “I” because I’m introverted as all hell. At least that part of me is consistent.

But these tests really don’t mean much in the greater sense of the world. I’ve heard many a rant about how we can’t be sorted in such a limited number of personality types and that the results were way off but I just shrug them off. Unless someone is telling you that it’s the be all and end all to who you are, just see if you can take any advice they give on board and move on.


I do want to visit a fortune teller one day, just for fun. They’re probably gonna end up telling me that I have a tendency to be stubborn but thoughtful, that I have a difficult decision to make soon, and that I’ll be happily married with two kids in the distant future. How perfectly average.

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