Long Distance Friendships


You’ve been travelling for a few months now. You’ve met some amazing people. Some you did not exchange contact details with, and some you did. Of those that you did, some you will occasionally like Facebook profile pictures of, and some you will actually keep in touch with.

Of those that you do keep in touch with, you will experience the difficulties of long distance friendships.

When you are going through heartache you will want to call them up and cry for what feels like hours. In an ideal world you would somehow magically teleport to wherever they are. They would hug you. They would tell you that everything is going to be okay, and you would cry.

When you have achieved something amazing that you’d like to share; whether it be passing your final semester, landing your first job or getting engaged, you will want to call them up and squeal with joy. You will want to be able to run up to them, hug them and celebrate.

In reality, long distance friendships are not so simple. You will call them.. But because of the time difference, they will probably not pick up. When they try to call you back you will probably be busy at work, or asleep. You will play a frustrating game of phone tag for what feels like forever before one of you finally decides to opt for messaging.

You will get frustrated. There are few people that you trust enough to rant to; there are few people that you genuinely want to squeal with inexplicable joy to. Why do those few people have to live halfway across the world? Messaging can only get you so far and in the wise words of 5 year old me: Sometimes I just want a hug.


When your friends go through hardships, you will want to be there for them. You will want to be the one giving hugs, not the ones sending virtual wishes across oceans. You will want to be able to drop everything, walk into a teleportation device and magically just be there with them. But it’s not that easy.

If you met multiple long distance friends at the same time, you will at some point speak of, or try to plan a reunion. The bigger the group of friends, the harder this will be. When or if you do meet up with a select few from your group, you will find yourself constantly talking about the good ol’ days and how it would be amazing if all of you could be together in the same spot once more.

When I’m overseas, I miss my friends from back home. When I’m back home, I miss the friends that I made overseas. It’s a constant struggle but it’s made me realise that the friends I currently hold dear to my heart are friends that I will most likely hold dear to my heart for a very very long time.

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2 thoughts on “Long Distance Friendships

  1. sheenaichigo says:

    Just ran into your blog and this sounds way too familiar.. It’s a constant struggle and at the same time it’s so beautiful to get in touch with so many people from different backgrounds. Luckily we have the internet these days to stay in touch, or we can still write them a letter to let them know we truly think of them and still love them, no matter the distance (in time and place)


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