Another Year Wiser


At what age do you stop putting your number of years in candles on top of your birthday cake? I think when (if) I turn 90, I’m going to request from my grandkids exactly that amount of candles on top of my futuristic, hologram, low-sugar cake. Fingers crossed that it’s easy enough to eat with dentures and shaky arthritic hands.

It’s the one day of the year where you can celebrate yourself. Except every day should be a celebration of life cause you gotta love yourself, obviously. Anyway, a lot of people take the day for granted as being their day and that the world suddenly revolves around them in those precious 24 hours. But that’s just not cool.

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The Upper Hand


You’re so lucky you have the upper hand!

I’ve been told this countless times. “At least you’ve got the upper hand!“. When it comes to jobs, friendships, romantic relationships, you name it.. Apparently I’ve got the upper hand.

But I’m not playing a game, so what does that even mean?!

Whether I’m pioneering for my next career break, butting heads with a childhood friend or navigating my way through the petrifying unknown that is a yet to be exclusive relationship, I am usually the one that cares less. I don’t know why my level of care for matters that hypothetically should be of great importance is so low. But I do know this- the less you care, the less you have to lose.

Or so it seems anyway.

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Mum, You’re Great


It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. If you forgot about that despite all the advertising and store specials and even the movie that was released recently (It’s actually called Mother’s Day), I’m sure you’ll be able to do something special for your mum at the last minute. Might I suggest flowers or at least a phone call if you live far away from her? And pick yourself up a calendar whenever you have a chance. If it helps, it’s on the 14th of May next year.

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