Any Green Thumbs For Sale?

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I really love making presents for others. Sometimes I come up with elaborate ideas that never get completed because it’s just far too complicated and I can’t find the right materials so the idea just stays unfinished. Other times I feel like I’m staring at a blank wall and don’t know what would even seem like a decent gift for anyone. I’m not saying that this gift is beyond brilliant and incredible, but I’m quite proud of it because I think they’re kinda cute and I just love plants.

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The thing is, I’m really bad with keeping plants alive. I’ve had succulents over the years that slowly crumble before my eyes and yet I still keep trying to put new ones in my room because I love the greenery. None of it comes naturally to me – when to water it, how much is needed, the best position for the right amount of sunlight, which soil to buy, if I need fertiliser, if it needs to be pruned, etc etc. I spend so much time picking out the exact plant I want to take home, only to let it slowly fade away because I just have no clue what I’m meant to do.

That’s why when I learnt about air plants I was so excited.

Tillandsia (or commonly known as the air plant) is a species that does not require any soil to grow and stay alive. Water and nutrients are instead absorbed through their leaves rather than from any roots. You can buy them from garden stores on their own or attached to gemstones or in little terrariums. They have varying sizes and hardness of the leaves but generally they are all spiky green bulbs.

I spent a good long time figuring out whether a terrarium was going to be a well-received gift for the birthday person; I’d also strongly considered the idea of one with succulents planted in dirt but I came to the conclusion that this was more adaptable and would require far less maintenance. And I have always been under the belief that you should try and avoid giving presents that the recipient has to put in lots of effort to take care of themselves. Unless they ask for specific things that are like that, of course.

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Air Plant Terrarium


  • Small glass container (these candle holders were at a dollar store)
  • Air plant (tillandsia)
  • Little rocks (or sand) – base material
  • Gemstones and shells as desired


  1. Wash and dry the glass container, as any dirt might impact the plant’s health.
  2. Pour in some of your base material.
  3. Place the air plant in position and push rocks up against it to create some stabilisation.
  4. Add in more base material to raise the level more.
  5. Arrange the gemstones or shells around the air plant.
  6. Continue to adjust the plant and decorating items until you’re happy with it!

Yes, it’s really not that difficult to make one of these but this post seems much more fancy with instructions written out. Also, I should have used a hot glue gun to secure the plant to the bowl so it wouldn’t shift around but I ran out of time.


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The plant is hardy enough to not need an abundance of sunshine or care and therefore it’s ideal for people like me. They generally need to be watered with a spray bottle once a week. Some species may require a submersion in water regularly. Just be sure not to overwater as mould and decay may occur. I just love how they add in a bit of greenery to the table and look clean and minimalistic in their small bowls. The terrarium with purple gemstones was the gift that I gave over a week ago and is hopefully happy in its new home! The one with the orange stone is sitting next to my computer right now and seems to be doing okay. I haven’t watered it since I bought and made it so I should probably go do that now. Brb.


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