My Top 10 Songs of 2016

Once upon a time, I felt like absolute shit. Face in hands, collapsed onto someone that I trusted very much, I cried my soul out. Drenched in tears (and snot), the person lifted my head off his shoulders, looked into my eyes and recognised the surrender that curled up in front of him. He was wise enough not to prod around with “what’s wrong?” or “it’s going to be okay” and instead he simply began fiddling with his phone. Too distracted to care, I can honestly say that it was pure surprise I felt as I heard Bob Marley – Don’t Worry Be Happy play. A chuckle automatically found its way out of me and he smiled.

He convinced me that music influenced mindsets and that mindsets changed moods. Not only was he right, he also got me into Spotify. I had Spotify premium for just under a year and it was great. For various reasons I’ve now cancelled my subscription and to mark the end of my Spotify premium era, I’ve decided to blog about my 10 most influencial songs of this year.

JanuaryI spent the entire month in Southern Africa. Along with a group from G Adventures, I explored South Africa and Namibi and ran through Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe. Gasps of amazement and tears of laughter were shared throughout the month and this was the last song that we listened to as a group.

February – I started working full-time in HR at an advertising agency. Whilst I loved my work, I also loved dogs and food. My workplace was (fortunately) full of both and I (unfortunately) found myself getting constantly distracted from tasks. I listened to Wafia – XXIX EP on repeat to ground myself and get in the groove.

March – I always find myself in a rut a few months after coming back from travels. The first month you’re back you’re excited to see your family and friends. But after that.. It feels as though you’re missing places and people you’ve never even been or met. A friend recommended this song to me after I got back from my semester abroad last year and it came in handy again this month.

April – My dad used to take me to the snow every year when I was younger. He would blast music from the 60s on the drive down and this is by far one of the fondest memories I have of him. During this month I discovered the Spotify playlist “All Out 60s” and I never looked back. I even managed to get my boss hooked onto it!

May – If I had to convert my semester abroad into a 3 minute and 38 second song, this would be it. I don’t know how but this song somehow made its way into my office playlist this month and the memories came flooding back.

June – This song gives me a ridiculous amount of energy and makes me very happy. It’s like a 4-minute high; that you can repeat again and again; with no side effects or hangover.

July – I spent the entire month of July in Central/Eastern Europe. I spent the bulk of my time lying on a beach near my campsite in Novigrad singing along to Tom Odell with two friends. We scared a few people away. It was great.

August – I can be a difficult person and sometimes I get myself into difficult situations. I acknowledged that this month and I quite literally, didn’t want to fight anymore.

September – Whilst abroad in July we also listened to Mumford & Sons – Johannesburg on repeat. A few months after returning to full-time work, post-holiday blues crept up on me again and I of course made it worse by living in the past. No ragrets!

October – Because I’m a #basicbitch. Of course I’m going to finish off with The Chainsmokers! This is my fav remix for the same reasons as Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For. Yay for 4-minute highs.

fish lavender


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