Little Miss Beauregarde

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Blueberries are expensive. $10 a punnet at my local fruit and veg store nearly makes this muffin recipe not worth making because of how often you seen prepackaged ones available in store. But it’s homemade and you know exactly the ingredients that are in them and of course you get that sense of accomplishment when they come fresh out of the oven looking all cute and happy – at least that’s how I felt about these. I had to restrain myself from eating all twelve in the same day. In case you were concerned, I only ate one that day. And I gave some away.┬áSo I didn’t gorge myself on them despite the temptation.

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A Matcha Dust Storm

matcha cake 1

Baking is hard. So is cooking for that matter, but I have less of an excuse for baking things since I love precision and following orders. It’s only the fact that I don’t have my own kitchen and all the utensils I’ve always wanted that’s holding me back. Or at least that’s what I pretend my hurdle is. In other news, I love how there’s no need for food colouring and this thing still ends up entirely green. Green tea is so Asian and featured in drinks and desserts everywhere, but it’s still the best thing ever.

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