Another Year Wiser


At what age do you stop putting your number of years in candles on top of your birthday cake? I think when (if) I turn 90, I’m going to request from my grandkids exactly that amount of candles on top of my futuristic, hologram, low-sugar cake. Fingers crossed that it’s easy enough to eat with dentures and shaky arthritic hands.

It’s the one day of the year where you can celebrate yourself. Except every day should be a celebration of life cause you gotta love yourself, obviously. Anyway, a lot of people take the day for granted as being their day and that the world suddenly revolves around them in those precious 24 hours. But that’s just not cool.

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The Upper Hand


You’re so lucky you have the upper hand!

I’ve been told this countless times. “At least you’ve got the upper hand!“. When it comes to jobs, friendships, romantic relationships, you name it.. Apparently I’ve got the upper hand.

But I’m not playing a game, so what does that even mean?!

Whether I’m pioneering for my next career break, butting heads with a childhood friend or navigating my way through the petrifying unknown that is a yet to be exclusive relationship, I am usually the one that cares less. I don’t know why my level of care for matters that hypothetically should be of great importance is so low. But I do know this- the less you care, the less you have to lose.

Or so it seems anyway.

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Mum, You’re Great


It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. If you forgot about that despite all the advertising and store specials and even the movie that was released recently (It’s actually called Mother’s Day), I’m sure you’ll be able to do something special for your mum at the last minute. Might I suggest flowers or at least a phone call if you live far away from her? And pick yourself up a calendar whenever you have a chance. If it helps, it’s on the 14th of May next year.

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Dear Future Brigitte


Dear future Brigitte,

I hope that you’re at least 30 years old before you read this. If you’re reading this and you’re any younger than 30 (you probably are) then I want you to stop right now. Good things come to those who wait.

You need to stop being so impatient, things don’t happen overnight. They take time (which sucks) but hey, most of the best things in life don’t come easy but sure as hell are worth the wait.

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Food Struggles

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Have you ever been frustrated when you’re forced to tackle obstacles you need to break through before you can eat a piece of food? If that question made me sound like a crazy person, at least let me try and explain what I’m talking about. Basically things that have shells, peels, bones, and seeds. Things that aren’t “ready to eat” in a sense. Now I get it, some of these annoying traits have been developed through years of evolution to discourage animals from eating these things as a way of protection. But cmon, aren’t certain foods being genetically shaped all over the world these days?

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Long Distance Friendships


You’ve been travelling for a few months now. You’ve met some amazing people. Some you did not exchange contact details with, and some you did. Of those that you did, some you will occasionally like Facebook profile pictures of, and some you will actually keep in touch with.

Of those that you do keep in touch with, you will experience the difficulties of long distance friendships.

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Tell Me My Future


I’m almost certain that every single adult out there with access to a computer has taken a personality test sometime in their life. It’s human nature to be curious about what kind of person you are and seeking answers from a 10 minute multiple choice quiz is far too easy to not try out. But are we really learning all that much about ourselves from them?

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Another Rambling Millennial

2015-05-12 05.25.24 1.jpg

Following on from my last post (Schmalentines Day), I’m going to continue to saturate the blog market with yet another post on an overly written about topic: Work Life Balance.

Being born in October of 1993 has led me to be classified as a Millennial Libra; and whilst I don’t identify with many Libran traits, I do identify with many Millennial traits. Late last year I attended a conference on employee retention (my inner HR nerd was having a field day). Within minutes the work life balance debate was brought up. Whilst I do believe in the work hard play hard mentality, there are countless different ways you can go about it.

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Somewhere Over the Ukulele


I bought a ukulele a few weeks ago. I spent days researching ukulele sizes, materials, brands, tutorials, reviews, and basically everything related to the miniature guitar under the sun. Now, I’m probably the least musical person you’ve ever met and I’ll be the first to accept the award for tone deafness. My acceptance speech will include thanking my friends for putting up with my terrible singing at karaoke, Taylor Swift for setting unrealistic expectations of being a gorgeous musician for girls everywhere, and my fat fingers for not being able to hold guitar strings down right. Thank you, genetics.

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Visiting Sydney

Sydney Bridge

The whole idea of Sydney and Home and Belonging (screw you Year 12) is still something I’m struggling with. I’m not sure if I’ll ever find peace with myself and knowing where I stand in the world, so right now everything is staying up in the air for a lot longer than I had hoped. I’m a girl born and raised in Sydney but now I live in Melbourne. It’s really not a very confusing concept but that sentence carries a ton of weight for me.

It’s been years now. And yet I often feel as if it was like I never left.

Oh my god, my writing is so terrible.

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