New Year’s Resolutions


With an upcoming new year and the promise of yet another candle added to our future birthday cakes, it’s not unexpected that we’d write up whatever resolutions we can come up with for 2016.

At 4AM, they might not be truly insightful and well-written, but don’t be mistaken – we mean business next year. If all else fails, we’ll spend this day in a year’s time eating cake, watching dumb videos, and drafting the next set of New Year’s Resolutions.


  • Sleep earlier and wake up later
  • Eat less deep-fried goodness
  • Make the time to properly appreciate the family
  • Ensure my indoor plants do not die by remembering to water them
  • Spend less time arguing and more time listening
  • Take better care of my fish (his name is Lancelot and no, he’s not a goldfish)
  • Regularly clean my pigsty of a room
  • Accept full responsibility for all of my actions
  • Learn more songs on the ukulele; ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ on repeat gets old after a while
  • Commit to posting on this blog

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


  • Eat more veggies
  • Go from useless photographer to amateur photographer
  • Become a familiar face at the gym
  • Cross off ten things from my mile-long bucket list
  • Swear to myself that I’ll learn the guitar this year
  • Raise a goldfish all on my own (which may or may not have been influenced by this blog)
  • Search for more spontaneous opportunities
  • Quit sleeping at 2AM every day – being a night owl just ain’t healthy
  • Learn to laugh off unexpected problems
  • Commit to posting on this blog

Hopefully we will manage to follow through with at least one of our resolutions each. And here’s hoping that one resolution is our commitment to posting on this blog.

Happy Almost New Year!

fish green


fish lavender





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