I Wanna Be A Pokemon Trainer


As I’m sure almost everyone out there knows or has heard, Pokémon Go was released two weeks ago. I’ll be honest, I didn’t jump on downloading it straight away even though I knew so many people who did; I hesitated because it seemed like such a gimmicky fad that wouldn’t really be much fun to actually play. That one decision cost me a day of catching pokemon. Yes, I regret it.

But it’s alright, I’m doing my best to catch up even if it means draining my phone’s battery constantly, racking up my mobile data, taking detours to the very few pokestops nearby, and catching every single thing I encounter – even the CP10 zubats and pidgeys. I just have to get those candies.

Note: I no longer catch Zubats. Seriously not worth evolving them anymore.


About a week ago I was asked by an old guy walking by at night, whether everyone sitting in their cars in the car park next to a church was playing Pokémon Go. I genuinely tried my best to explain how the game worked, all the while very distracted as I was on lucky egg time and anxious about getting my evolving done. I tried describing how we were at pokestops and how they give you items that you need to catch the actual pokemon but he kept asking if we were looking for clues. Okay sure, yeah, close enough. It is understandable that this whole augmented reality video game doesn’t make much sense to people who haven’t caught up with technology. I just hope they are open-minded about what’s going on.

But there’s been a lot of hate about the game from those who are bewildered that kids and adults alike are “still playing pokemon.” Even though I have new reasons to get frustrated in my day to day life now and I’m two-thirds of my way through my monthly data limit two weeks in, I really do like the game. I have gotten a ton more fresh air than I have in a very long time and gone on walks to try and make a dent in hatching 10km eggs. I’ve never been much of a collector but filling out the pokedex is satisfying (for the most part until I’m left with the impossible ones.) The nostalgia factor is also a big reason why you see people of all ages and from different backgrounds, congregated around pokestops that have been lured, even past midnight on a weekday.

I wish they would go home so we wouldn’t need to stress about finding a parking spot.

I was up at Lillydale lake during the weekend for the dratinis and eevees that are pretty much famous now, and my god was it packed. I honestly felt a little bad for the regular visitors to the park who were taking a stroll or playing with their kids in the playground. But the sun was out, the day was productive (I have enough candy for a dragonite!), and the baked potato and ice cream trucks made a killing. There was even a group of guys who wandered around playing the pokemon theme song off a speaker they carried. I think they just really wanted attention.


The game itself has its fair share of bugs and server issues which couldn’t be more aggravating. There are also a lot of features that should have been added to better improve the experience and make certain things more convenient. A selected transfer all button for everything you need to release, better customisation for your character, the medals you earn actually giving you something, more pokestops and gyms in rural areas, and servers that stop shutting down so often – I beg of you.

Now I still need to explore Melbourne more to find all the rarer pokemon since they don’t hang around small outer suburbs much. Which means possible road trips or just going to places I’ve never been before. I’ll be sure to look up from my phone every once in a while to see the beauty nature has to offer.

fish green


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